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Dr. Neena Sawant

MD (Psy)

is a practicing psychiatrist in Mumbai with 30 years of experience. She has special interests in child psychiatry, sexual medicine and neuropsychiatry and has contributed to creating awareness among parents regarding children’s emotional problems through writing articles. Dr. Neena has also given talks in schools regarding the need for sex education and augmenting awareness among children. She works as a committed team member of the comprehensive epilepsy care centre in KEM hospital looking after the emotional well-being of patients with epilepsy and doing their pre-surgical workup. Dr. Neena is fond of academics, research and enjoys teaching, hence finding herself at home at a general hospital.

Educational Background

Dr. Neena is a proud alumna of LTMMC Medical college, where she earned her M.B.B.S in 1985. Her commitment to academic excellence continued with specialized training in psychiatry at Sion hospital. Throughout her educational journey, Dr. Neena developed a profound understanding of the intricate intersections between mind and well-being. She is a MD, DPM, PGDHHM and PGDMLS.

Professional Experience

Dr. Neena’s clinical expertise spans a wide range of mental health issues, including but not limited to anxiety, depression, trauma, and mood disorders. With a wealth of experience in the field, Dr. Neena has held pivotal positions at Seth GSMC & KEM Hospital. She is currently the President of the Indian Psychiatric Society’s Western Zonal Branch and is working on increasing Mental health Advocacy as an objective for the year 2024. She is known for her patient-centered approach, fostering an environment of trust and collaboration. She also works as a Professor & the Head of Unit, at the Dept of Psychiatry, Seth GSMC & KEM hospital and is attached to Global Hospitals, Parel, as a consultant neuro psychiatrist.

Awards and Recognition
Dr. Neena’s dedication to the field has been acknowledged through various awards. These accolades reflect her commitment to delivering high-quality mental health care and her impact on the lives of those she serves.
  • Bombay Psychiatric Society
  • Poona Psychiatric Society Award
  • IPSWZB Mujawer Poster award
  • IPS Dr Murugappan Poster award
Philosophy of Care

In her practice, Dr. Neena believes in treating each individual holistically, recognizing the unique narrative that shapes their mental health. Her approach combines evidence-based interventions with a deep respect for the individual’s cultural and personal context. She is an invited speaker at various national, state and zonal conferences, workshops and CMEs. Dr. Neena has authored 5 books on the various issues faced by children and effective parenting in English & other vernacular languages. She has over 95 scientific publications in National and International journals to her credit and has more than 100 articles in various Marathi magazines related to mental health.

Life Beyond the Office

Dr. Neena is a Mumbai bred vivacious, obsessive personality who understands the importance of maintaining a balance between professional commitments and personal fulfilment with her husband and two kids. Outside her practice, Dr. Neena is an avid advocate for mental health awareness. She enjoys dance and music and finds inspiration in writing books.

Positions held
  • Professor & Head of Unit, at the Dept of Psychiatry, Seth GSMC & KEM hospital
  • Consultant Neuro Psychiatrist, The Global Hospitals, Parel
  • President of the Indian Psychiatric Society’s, Western Zonal Branch
  • Editor of Annals of Indian Psychiatry, The West Zone Journal
  • Chairperson of IPS Sexual Medicine Specialty Section
  • Advisor & Chairperson of IPSWZB UG & PG Psychiatric Education Committee
  • Vice President of Research Society, KEM
  • Hon Secretary DJST, KEM
  • Program Coordinator of Student Dosti Counseling Cell, KEMH
  • Various positions in the Zonal EC of IPSWZB and at Seth GSMC & KEM Hospital