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Types of Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety. It’s a word thrown around so often, it can almost seem misunderstood. But what if that constant feeling of worry, or dread is holding you back? The truth is, anxiety disorders are a real issue affecting millions of people worldwide.

This blog dives deeper into the types of anxiety disorders. Remember, knowledge is power. By understanding anxiety, you can take control and find the path to a calmer, happier you.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder

  • It is characterized by excessive worry and distress about everyday events, often with difficulty controlling it.
  • People may experience physical symptoms like fatigue, restlessness, muscle tension, having difficulty concentrating and difficulty sleeping.

Panic disorder

  • Panic attacks are sudden surges of intense fear causing physical symptoms like racing heart, sweating, and shortness of breath. Not everyone who has panic attacks can develop a panic disorder.
  • You may also feel mentally distressed, with fear of losing control. These scary episodes typically peak within minutes.
  • The fear of attacks can become overwhelming. People might avoid places, situations, or even activities they think could trigger another attack. These attacks can happen frequently, sometimes daily, or much less often, like a few times a year.

Phobia related disorders

  • Phobias are intense fears of everyday things or situations. It’s normal to be nervous sometimes, but phobias are different. People with phobias have an unreasonable fear that’s way bigger than the actual danger.
  • This fear can cause them to worry constantly, avoid anything that might involve their phobia, and feel intense anxiety.

Social anxiety disorder (social phobia)

Social Phobia Saksham
  • Social anxiety disorder also known as social phobia, is an intense fear of social situations where you might be scrutinized or judged.
  • This fear is so overwhelming that it can lead to sweating, blushing, or difficulty breathing in social situations. People may be self-conscious, avoid social gatherings, and public speaking, or even struggle to make eye contact. This can leave you feeling worthless due to negative social interactions.


  • Ever feel super anxious about being in crowds, on buses, or even just outside alone? That could be agoraphobia. It’s basically an intense fear of situations where escape might be difficult or where you could panic.
  • People with agoraphobia often avoid these situations because of the worry of having a panic attack or feeling embarrassed. In severe cases, this fear can keep you housebound.

Separation Anxiety Disorder

Separation Anxiety Disorder Saksham
  • Separation anxiety isn’t just a childhood concern. Adults can experience separation anxiety disorder too. This means having an intense fear of being separated from loved ones. People might worry something bad will happen to themselves or their loved ones while they are away.
  • This fear can be so strong that they avoid being alone or going places without their loved ones. They may even have bad dreams or physical symptoms when separation is coming up.

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