About Saksham

“Even a little step towards empowerment has the capability to empower the entire nation.”

Saksham is an entrepreneurship and skill development initiative by MLC Abhijit Wanjarri.  It is started with an aim of laying an entrepreneurial path for aspiring entrepreneurs. MLC Abhijit Wanjarri understood the value of entrepreneurship and skill development to build a strong nation. To infuse an entrepreneurial spirit, team Saksham under Wanjarri sir’s guidance has started developing impactful initiatives.

The Urgent Need

India has been growing rapidly.As a result, there is a requirement of various skill sets in the market. However, mastering the appropriate set of skills is critical.Our professional development activities are focused on training students on demanded skills if they are looking for a job. If they wish to start their own enterprise, we help them in inculcating entrepreneurial abilities. We provide realistic training that is tailored to business needs as well as life skills that will help them succeed in their endeavors.

Our efforts are directed to grow the rural economy and upskill the economically disadvantaged. With tailored skill development programs by professional trainers for rural and urban areas, we aim to greatly improve the livelihoods of those in need. We have always focused on building an ecosystem that operates at the grassroots. We aim to assist our students with technology, financing, market access, and infrastructure.

To encourage even more creativity, we train our students right from the basics of entrepreneurship, various business opportunities, its technical training, practical implementation and support till set up of the business.

We aim to meet today’s consumer demands by taking initiative and getting outside of our comfort zones to understand the needs and demands of today’s dynamic world.

By developing an ecosystem that provides a one-stop guidance point for all students, our goal is to build empowered individuals that empower many others.  To achieve the above goal, we have partnered with world-class experts.Our mentor panel of IAS officers, industry experts, educators, investors and scientists guide and enlighten thousands of minds.

Our Mission

– To instill entrepreneurial capability

– To impart excellent mentoring in order to establish an enterprise

– To provide an end to end support to each participant

– To formulate and instill skill development in rural youth

– Reduce unemployment through education